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Welcome to LogoToGo

LogoToGo offers computer-graphics services that are logo-like in many ways--the artwork is minimalist, clear, and direct. In fact, the majority of projects so far have indeed been logos. Several sample logos are shown below.

If you like what you see, please see Here's the Deal and How to Reach Me at the bottom of this page.


Leader of a new breed of marketing/strategy consultants, Grant Slade Marketing sought a logo that would convey his comprehensive- yet-focused approach--and do so simply and directly. The 'G' is clearly a capital letter, but with its base tuned to give a "sweeping arrow" effect. The 'S' could be either upper or lower case, and the 'm' is lower case, to permit the seamless fitting together of all three letters. For more about GSM, click on this logo to go to its unique Web site.
The TLC Division of an otherwise conventional moving/shipping company specializes in transporting trade-show booths and displays from one major exhibition to the next. The TLC logo intends to evoke the special-attention feelings associated with heart shapes. Workmanlike gloves hold the "shipping container" with confidence, yet, by not quite touching it, convey the feeling that delicate and fragile contents are cushioned/suspended/floating.
Moored in San Francisco, the private yacht "Moondance" is poetry in motion on the Bay. Its burgee is drawn from its name, with a key element doubling as both the moon and a sail. Simplicity is vital here, for easy visibility from some distance (and in windy conditions). The blue background is at once the sky above and the water below, while the breaking whitecaps symbolize both bow and wave. A solitary spar links all other white elements, to complete the effect.
Blunk Microsystems provides system software, device drivers, and firmware for use in embedded real-time systems. Products are offered for standard VMEbus platforms and, along with porting services, for custom hardware. Blunk specializes in PowerPC and 68K (68360/68302) based designs. Blunk sought a logo that would depart from current trends toward abstract (meaningless) geometric patterns or bland corporate initials, seeking instead a logo with more "personality" as well as a meaning related to company products and services. The solution chosen was a visually intriguing, androgynous figure interacting with a computer-like display—all as a single-line continuum.
The Academic Senate of a local community college sought a distinctive logo that would elevate its on-campus profile. The challenge was to effect a balance among several "conflicting" images the senate wished to convey: the need for a sense of tradition; a feeling of authority; a forward-looking outlook based on the realities of emerging teaching technologies and theories; and a human, caring presence and approach to the needs of the student body for very personalized, individualized support in tandem with academic quality and rigor. The design conveys solid grounding through use of a massive A-shape that evokes a key feature of the campus architecture (concrete corner columns of a similar shape). In the foreground is the lamp of learning with its S-shaped flame conveying colors found in the California poppy (state flower). Contemporary shapes make up the flame and the antique copper patina of the lamp base, to add a feeling of current awareness and future orientation.
This logo update for an old-line business forms company passed several tests. First, it harked back to the previous, "folded paper" logo design in ways that suggested a "loyalty to the old" that pleased long-standing stockholders, directors, employees, and customers. Second, it added the letter "R" to a logo that had long featured only an "S" initial; recent events, including the listing of the company on the Big Board with the symbol SR, dictated a logo that gave the R-shape "equal time." Finally, a contemporary feeling was imparted through a visual asymmetry that suggested less-than-stuffy informality.
Two veterans of World War II, long-time residents of Los Altos, California, felt that the time had come for their community to erect a monument honoring those who have served--or are currently serving--in the U.S. armed forces. This Veterans Memorial Monument will not focus solely on those who gave their lives for their country nor will it feature military hardware; rather, it will honor all current and former service personnel, and will emphasize the peace and tranquility that is the reward we all share thanks to the sacrifices of the few. The logo features a flag motif reminiscent of the folded American flag used in military memorial services.

Here's the Deal

My clients pay nothing until their projects are finished and they have signed off; no final approval, no money changes hands. Experimentation in approach and execution, therefore, can take place at no risk to them. All terms are discussed in advance--the scope of work, the fee, and the time line are all agreed upon. A typical fee for a logo (and related business-card layout) is $500.

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